The first ordered locomotive already at PGE

In Decem­ber, Pol­ska Grupa Ener­ge­tyczna – the Branch in Turów Power Plant, rece­ived the first out of three 6Dg loco­mo­ti­ves com­mis­sio­ned from Newag. The con­tract for loco moder­ni­za­tion of the net value of PLN8,910, was signed on 27.06.2014. The last loco­mo­tive will have been han­ded over by the end of Janu­ary 2016.

These loco­mo­ti­ves con­sti­tute the next gene­ra­tion of 6Dg locos. The dif­fe­ren­ces inc­lude, among other, the driver’s cab, which is mode­led on the driver’s cab of the 18D loco­mo­tive. The moder­ni­zed 6Dg has new headli­ghts and exte­rior railings instal­led. The doors to the machi­nery and elec­tri­cal com­part­ments have been newly fit­ted. The loco­mo­tive has been equ­ip­ped with a radio con­trol sys­tem and a ZSŚ 2006 auto­ma­tic screw coupling.

Due to the orde­ring party’s strict requ­ire­ments con­cer­ning noise emis­sion levels, the loco­mo­tive was equ­ip­ped with spe­cial, addi­tio­nal noise con­trol ele­ments and sys­tems.
The CAT C27 die­sel engine, com­pliant with the new Stage IIIB exhaust emis­sion stan­dard, is cooled with a refri­ge­ra­ting unit con­si­sting of cooler panels in a “V’ arran­ge­ment with a fan powe­red by a redu­cer with a deta­cha­ble pneu­ma­ti­cally con­trol­led coupling.

In 2014, NEWAG S.A. main­ta­ined its leading posi­tion in the seg­ment of moder­ni­zing SM42 and SM48 die­sel loco­mo­ti­ves. In total, thirty-one loco­mo­ti­ves were moder­ni­zed at the Nowy Sącz com­pany inc­lu­ding ten 6Dg, ten 18D and ten 15D locos and one two-engine 6DI loco­mo­tive, ensu­ring again Newag’s 100% mar­ket share in this segment.