Policy of Integrated Management System

The primary goal of our operations is designing, manufacturing, repairing and modernising rolling stock that meet increasing market demands. Our operational activities are implemented within the maintained and  improved management system compliant with requirements of the currently binding ISO 22163, 9001, 14001 and 50001 standards.

Our clients’ trust and the company’s market image are built through ensuring competitiveness and reliability of our vehicles throughout the whole process of their operation.

We implement this goal by:

  • Meeting expectations and needs of our stakeholders and fulfilling their identified requirements and our obligations resulting from them;
  • Defining and meeting obligations concerning compliance and conducting evaluation of compliance with these obligations;
  • Fulfilling applicable legal and normative requirements concerning ensuring product quality, energy management and environmental protection as well as products environmental impact during the whole cycle of product life, as well as requirements defined by clients;
  • Mini­mising the risk of the Company’s negative impact on the environment;
  • Collaboration with and selecting suppliers who have stable market position and who deliver materials and services at the quality level expected by our Company;
  • Promoting purchase of energy-saving materials and services as well as projects aiming at improving the Company’s energy output;
  • On-going quality checks of our products;
  • Monitoring and optimising the course of processes and reducing production costs, including monitoring the consumption of raw materials and utilities;
  • Ensuring access to information and particular resources necessary for achieving goals and implementing the tasks;
  • Improving technical solutions through modernising the Company’s machinery and infrastructure and implementing new technologies, materials and raw materials which are safe to use, environment-friendly and energy-saving;
  • Arranging workplaces to ensure production efficiency;
  • Mini­mising work environment hazards by utilising cutting-edge technologies and tools at workstations;
  • Ensuring environmental protection by waste segregation and reduction and reducing emissions to the environment which is of particular importance in the Nowy Sącz Valley;
  • Conducting systematic identification of threats and professional risks as well as material losses;
  • Improving the efficiency of activities conducted by the Company resulting from risk management (negative and positive) with regard to all the spheres of the Company’s activities;
  • Preventing errors and breakdowns and meeting our clients’ expectations.


The Company Management implements the above objectives in the organisational context undertaking at the same time to constantly improve the efficiency of the Integrated Management System. Continuous improvement of the practices and processes implemented contributes to providing the expected quality level of our products, reducing pollution released to the environment and to improving the energy output of our Organisation.

The Integrated Management System Policy is an element of the Company’s operating strategy. Each employee is aware of the objectives set and of the impact his/her work has on clients’ satisfaction and on the environment and energy consumption.