Policy of Integrated Management System


The primary objective of our business activity is the design, production, repair, maintenance and modernisation of rolling stock to meet the growing market requirements. Operational activities are carried out as part of maintained and improved Management System in conformity with the valid standards ISO 22163, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

We develop our customer trust and brand image by ensuring competitive performance and reliability of our railway vehicles in their whole lifecycle.

We fulfil this objective by:

  • Addressing the expectations and needs of our stakeholders, understanding and meeting their identified requirements and resulting commitments,
  • Creating a Company strategy based on high quality products and services, as well as the development and implementation of innovations to increase market competitiveness and Customer satisfaction,
  • Identifying and meeting compliance obligations and assessing compliance with these obligations,
  • Fulfilling the applicable legal and normative requirements in terms of ensuring product quality, efficient energy management, environmental protection and the impact of the product on the environment throughout its life cycle, as well as the requirements specified by the Customer,
  • Minimising the negative impact of the company’s activities on the environment,
  • Cooperating with and attracting suppliers with a stable market position who provides materials and services at the quality level expected by the Company,
  • Promoting the purchase of energy-efficient products, services and projects to improve energy efficiency,
  • Regular quality control of the manufactured products,
  • Monitoring and optimising the processes and reducing production costs, including monitoring the level of consumption of raw materials and utilities,
  • Ensuring the availability of the information and specific resources necessary for the achievement of objectives and completion of tasks,
  • Improving technical solutions by modernising machinery and infrastructure and introducing new technologies, materials and raw materials that are safe to use, environmentally friendly and reducing energy consumption,
  • Ergonomic organisation of workstations, increasing production efficiency,
  • Minimising hazards to the working environment, by using the latest techniques and tools at workstations,
  • Performing systematic identification of hazards, occupational risks and property damage,
  • Ensuring continuity and increasing the efficiency of the Company’s operations as a result of risks and opportunities management, in relation to all areas of the Company’s business,
  • Preventing errors and failures and meeting Customer expectations,
  • Ensuring environmental protection by segregating and reducing the amount of produced waste and emissions of pollutants into the environment, particularly relevant in the Sądecka Basin,
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of energy efficiency and supporting project activities that take into account the improvement of energy efficiency,
  • Promoting, monitoring and implementing activities related to safety aspects as described in the Technical Safety and Maintenance Policy.

The Company’s Management achieves the above-mentioned objectives and commits to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the functioning of the Integrated Management System, taking into account the context of the organisation. The continuous improvement of practices and implemented processes contributes to ensuring the expected level of quality of our products, reducing the amount of pollutants emitted into the environment and improving the energy performance of the Organisation.

The Integrated Management System Policy is part of the Company’s operating strategy. Each employee is aware of the goals set and how their work affects Customer satisfaction, the environment and the use and consumption of energy.

Nowy Sącz, 21 November 2023.