Technical safety policy

The overriding objective of our activities is ensuring safety of rail vehicles we manufacture, modernise and maintain during their operation.

The Company Management confirms that activities undertaken related to designing, developing, manufacturing and providing maintenance services of rail vehicles and components manufactured  by NEWAG S.A. aim at delivering products which meet required safety levels and their continuous improvement in order to increase the achieved safety coefficients.

In order to ensure expected safety levels, we implement the following goals:

  • Day-to-day analysis of designed and applied technical and technological solutions and introducing new technologies, innovations, materials and raw materials which are safe to use and environment-friendly;
  • Ensuring vehicles’ optimal technical and functional configuration taking into consideration mandatory requirements of ergonomics and accessibility for the disabled;
  • Constant development of RAMs analyses and their implementation throughout the product life cycle;
  • Ensuring high standard of project, technical and technological documentation;
  • Continuous increasing of our employees’ awareness by providing periodical training concerning their work’s impact on product quality and safety;
  • Ensuring safety of employees who implement the production process by continuous improvement of working conditions;
  • Undertaking standardising and optimising actions for workstations in order to increase work comfort and expected levels of production quality and efficiency;
  • Verifying quality testing stations for goods released for use and their continuous improvement as regards their safety of use;
  • Continuous monitoring of machinery and equipment performance, conducting current repairs and periodical maintenance;
  • Meeting expectations and needs of our stakeholders and fulfilling their identified requirements and our obligations resulting from them.


As top management we undertake to implement the actions taken by us in accordance with the legal requirements binding in our company, taking into consideration requirements and expectations of interested parties and following the latest trends in the industry. We implement the goals we set ourselves undertaking to continuously improve our production processes at the same time. The Technical Safety Policy is an element of the Company’s operating strategy. Each employee is aware of the objectives formulated and of the impact his/her work has on the product safety.