Technical Safety and Maintenance Policy


The primary objective of our activities is to ensure the safety of manufactured, modernised, serviced and maintained rail vehicles for their users and participants in the railway system.

Activities undertaken in connection with the design, development, production and maintenance of rail vehicles and their components are aimed at providing products that meet the required safety level and their continuous refinement in order to improve the achieved safety coefficients. We guarantee that all our rail vehicles are maintained in accordance with the principles of the maintenance management system and the applicable legal requirements.

In order to ensure the expected level of safety and maintenance services, we pursue the following objectives:

  • Ongoing analysis of designed and applied technical, technological solutions and introduction of new technologies, innovations, materials and raw materials that are safe for use and environmentally friendly,
  • Ensuring optimum technical and functional vehicle configuration, taking into account the applicable requirements in terms of ergonomics and accessibility for persons with disabilities as well as safety,
  • Continuous development of RAMS analyses and their consideration throughout the product life cycle,
  • Ensuring a high standard of design, technical and technological documentation as well as supervising and updating maintenance documentation,
  • Continuously improving the qualifications and awareness of employees by providing periodic training on the impact of their work on the quality and safety of products, as well as the maintenance management system,
  • Ensuring the safety of employees carrying out production and maintenance processes by continuously improving working conditions and safety, standardising and optimising workstations to increase working comfort and the expected level of quality and efficiency of production and maintenance,
  • Verification at test stands of the quality of products put into service and their continuous improvement in terms of safety of use,
  • Continuous supervision of the efficiency of machinery, equipment and control and measurement equipment, performance of current repairs and periodic maintenance,
  • Carrying out all maintenance activities by qualified personnel equipped with specialised tools and software, using materials of the highest quality and carrying out inspections with maintenance documentati

This Policy is part of our Company’s operating strategy and each employee is aware of the safety objectives set and how their work affects the safety of the product and the maintenance services provided.

Nowy Sącz, 23 November 2021.