Ten Additional Trains for Metro Sofia

Ten additional INSPIRO three-unit underground trains have been ordered by  Metropolitan EAD, the underground train operator in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thirty trains are already being manufactured by “SIMETRO” Consortium which comprises NEWAG S.A., Siemens Mobility GmbH Austria in Vienna and Siemens Mobility EOOD in Sofia.

Under the agreement signed on 28.09.2015, the Consortium will provide to Metropolitan EAD 20 three-unit metro vehicles and a traffic control system within 36 months from the date of signing the agreement. The option used allows the customer to order ten additional vehicles. The new vehicles are based on the Inspiro platform, the same which was used to manufacture underground trains the Warsaw Metro. The Inspiro vehicles for Sofia will be additionally fitted with pantographs on the roof because these trains will be able to operate both in underground tunnels and on the surface.

The estimated net value of the works to be performed by NEWAG under the option is BGN 36,182,855  (PLN 79,421,366.73 according to the average NBP exchange rate as at today). Due to the fact that the Contracting Authority has exercised the option, the estimated net value of the works to be performed by NEWAG for the total work under the Agreement will increase to BGN 109,330,897 (PLN 239,981,318.92 according to the exchange rate as of 16.01.2019).

The underground trains under the exercised option to the agreement will be delivered in accordance with an agreed schedule. The final deadline for performing the option to the Agreement is thirty months since implementing the option.