PM Beata Szydło and NEWAG S.A. support the gifted – new scholarships funded

During the 27th Eco­no­mic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój, in the pre­sence of Mrs Beata Szy­dło , Polish Prime Mini­ster, who was awar­ded  the title “Per­son of the Year” for her excep­tio­nal atti­tude and achie­ve­ments which have impac­ted the course of mat­ters in East-Central Europe, Mr Zbi­gniew Konie­czek, CEO of NEWAG S.A.  signed an agre­ement with Mr Jerzy Bochyń­ski, Deputy Cha­ir­man of Fun­da­cja Sądecka [Sądecka Foun­da­tion] on fun­ding scho­lar­ships for the most gifted youth from Nowy Sącz subregion.

The scho­lar­ships, named after the Poto­czek Bro­thers, aim at sup­por­ting edu­ca­tion for the most gifted youth who are in a dif­fi­cult finan­cial situ­ation. Ano­ther goal of the Foun­da­tion is to pro­mote young talents, cre­ative stu­dents who want to do more and know more for their own deve­lop­ment and self-improvement. The Sądecka Foun­da­tion was esta­bli­shed by Zyg­munt Ber­dy­chow­ski in 1992.  It was named after Poto­czek bro­thers: Jan and Sta­ni­sław, from Rdzio­stów, who trans­for­med Polish coun­try­side at the turn of 19th century.

This is not the only scho­lar­ship which NEWAG S.A. pro­vi­des for gifted young people. Ear­lier this year, NEWAG S.A. foun­ded a scho­lar­ship pro­gramme cal­led “Pro­desse in poste­rum” for stu­dents of Poli­tech­nika Kra­kow­ska [Cracow’s Uni­ver­sity of Tech­no­logy]. The goal of that scho­lar­ship pro­gramme is to sup­port the most  talen­ted and com­mit­ted stu­dents majo­ring in Mana­ge­ment and Pro­duc­tion Engi­ne­ering, spe­cia­li­sa­tion: Engi­ne­ering of Mass Trans­port Means.