The over­haul of the WR89 restau­rant car car­ried out by NEWAG S.A., while  pre­se­rving its pre­vious func­tions, has con­si­de­ra­bly enhan­ced the appe­arance of its inte­rior and incre­ased pas­sen­gers’ com­fort of eating meals while travelling.

Restau­rant area:

  • New inte­rior colour scheme and furnishings;
  • Total num­ber of seats: 38;
  • Num­ber of dining tables: 6 four-person tables, 7 double tables;
  • Modern, attrac­tive and func­tio­nal inte­rior made from modu­lar polyester-glass material,
  • Ergo­no­mic titled seats in the restau­rant area;
  • Halo­gen ceiling ligh­ting, lamps on side walls and addi­tio­nal indi­vi­dual table lamps;
  • Win­dows fit­ted with day and night blinds;
  • Wear-resistant car floor.

Kit­chen area:

  • Com­part­ment desi­gned for meal pre­pa­ra­tion by the staff;
  • Pleasant-looking and func­tio­nal inte­rior with new layout;
  • Kit­chen sec­tion sepa­ra­ted from dish-washing section;
  • Fit­ted with two-level buf­fet counter;
  • Kit­chen sec­tion fit­ted with sta­in­less steel fur­ni­ture and high-quality kit­chen applian­ces (cera­mic hobs, cookers – steam con­ta­iner ovens, refri­ge­ra­tors, micro­wave oven);
  • Dish-washing sec­tion fit­ted with waste dispo­sal grin­ders, dish­wa­sher and her­me­tic sewage tanks.

Rest and refre­sh­ment room:

  • Room acces­si­ble to car staff only, fur­ni­shed with pla­ces to rest.


  • Acces­si­ble to car staff only;
  • Pleasant-looking, modu­lar panel­led interior;
  • Toilet with her­me­ti­cally sealed reten­tion tank;
  • Anti-slip floor;
  • Frost pro­tec­tion sys­tem of the water piping;
  • Fixtu­res ena­bling to use the com­part­ment as a sho­wer cabin.

Per­for­mance characteristics:

  • Desi­gna­ted for natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal rail­way service;
  • Capa­ble of tra­vel­ling at a speed of 160 km/h;
  • Air-conditioned inte­rior;
  • The power sup­ply sys­tem fit­ted with multi-voltage sta­tic converter;
  • Fit­ted with plug-sliding side door and the front door with electro-pneumatic con­trol ensu­ring high reliability;
  • Side shields instal­led in the car to pro­tect the equ­ip­ment moun­ted on car chas­sis and to improve car appearance.