Vulcano is a narrow-gauge diesel multiple unit manufactured by NEWAG S.A. for Ferrovia Circumetnea designated to service railways around Mount Etna in Sicily.

Vulcano are modern, two-unit vehicles equipped with integrated „powerpack” drive systems with electric transmission, de­signed specifically for these vehicles. Ad­vanced technical solutions applied in drive system, transmission system and car body support system allowed to muffle noise in the passenger compartment.

Configuration of the interior of passenger compartment enables the vehicle to be operated in both city and suburban traffic. Modifiable seat configuration allows for op­timisation of transport capacity. The number of seats is 106 including 7 folding seats, and it can be varied, depending on the rail carrier requirements.

The vehicles are fully air-conditioned and adapted for transporting people with disabilities.

One unit is equipped with a toilet with her­metically sealed design, adjusted for peo­ple with disabilities (in accordance with TSI PRM), and the internal door zone is equipped with automatic wheelchair lifts. The safety of passengers is ensured by a monitoring system.

The vehicle has  an integrated passenger coun­ting system, GPS and active fire detection and extinguishing system. Also, the vehi­cles are equipped with a modern passenger information system and intercom for voice communication between passengers and the train driver.

Vehicle driver’s cabs are equipped with er­gonomic driver control stations and modern equipment.

These Diesel multiple units can travel with maximum speed up to 100 km/h and are adapted for multiple traction.

Construction solutions :

  • two modern drive systems with 390 kW engines compliant with all emission standards
  • electrically powered plug-sliding passenger door with 1,300 mm clearance width
  • dual-zone A/C for passenger space and train driver’s cab including heating mode
  • comfortable passenger seats
  • electrically powered sun blinds in passenger windows
  • toilet with hermetically sealed design, compliant with TSI PRM
  • electronic control and diagnostic system
  • modern passenger information system
  • 230 V electrical outlets
  • monitoring – external and internal
  • compliant with 250 mm platform height, pursuant to EN 14752

Safety standards :

  • structural requirements of railway vehicle – PIII pursuant to EN 12663
  • crashworthiness requirements pursuant to EN 15227+A1 C-III
  • vehicle equipment is made of materials compliant with fire protection standard EN 45545
  • vehicle is equipped with active fire detection and extinguishing system
  • areas for people on wheelchairs are secured with safety belts

Kabina maszynisty:

  • ergonomiczny pulpit z nowoczesnym wyposażeniem
  • komfortowy, regulowany fotel
  • indywidualną klimatyzację z rozprowadzeniem powietrza po kabinie
  • płynnie regulowane oświetlenie LED pulpitu i kabiny
  • rolety przeciwsłoneczne we wszystkich oknach