Multisystem locomotive

Multisystem locomotive

“The first Euro­pean 4-axle advanced diesel-electric multi-system power systems  com­pliant with TSI 2014”

The goal of the project is conducting research and development work aiming at designing, manufacturing, commissioning and con­ducting validation tests for a prototype of the first in the world 4-axle electric loco­motive which will be powered with various voltage ranges. Additionally, the locomotive will be equipped with a diesel power generator, compliant with current exhaust emis­sion standards. The project is addressed to the market of cargo and passenger rail transport in Europe.

The project scope includes preparation of a new technical concept for a new prototype locomotive, preparation of detailed technical assumptions concerning basic locomotive components (the weight-bearing structure, bogies, drive, control and safety systems, etc.). During the research work, a locomotive prototype will be built and validation tests of the prototype will be conducted to verify its compliance with the assumptions made at the stage of conceptual and design work.

The locomotive  to be manufactured will have all the features enabling it to be operated on European railway network, so in different track systems (of direct and alternating current) as well as on non-electrified sections using the diesel motor, which will enable it to perform light shunting operations and move along sidings as well as to leave a railway track in case of a power failure in the overhead line.

The project’s final effect will be a product innovation. The innovative locomotive will be used in business activities of the Applicant and will complement its product portfolio. The Applicant’s offer will be extended by the product which does not exist on the European market but which is expected by buyers.

The project will be implemented by NEWAG S.A. – a leading rolling stock manufacturer in Poland. Part of the research work under the project will be granted to a subcontractor (subcontractors) – a research entity focusing on railway industry, which has research infrastructure and human resources (following a subcontractor selection procedure.)

The amount of project eligible costs is PLN 31,199,903.57.  The co-funding by NCBiR will be maximum PLN 12,479,961.43.

The project completion is scheduled for 28.03.2020.