The 220M and 221M Die­sel Mul­ti­ple Units are,  respec­ti­vely, two– and three-section pas­sen­ger tra­ins which we have been manu­fac­tu­ring since 2010. They are desi­gned to ope­rate in sub­ur­ban and long-distance pas­sen­ger transit. These low-floor, open-coach vehic­les come equ­ip­ped with such featu­res as the full inte­rior moni­to­ring sys­tem, air con­di­tio­ning and advan­ced pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion system.

The body of the vehicle com­pri­ses a self-supporting clo­sed con­struc­tion, based on two-axle bogies — two powe­red bogies and one Jacobs bogie. In the vehic­les, modern bogies were moun­ted with dual suspen­sion where secon­dary suspen­sion are air springs, which redu­ces the noise level and enhan­ces tra­vel­ling com­fort. The drive sys­tem con­si­sts of two inte­gra­ted power modu­les com­pri­sing a die­sel motor and hydrau­lic gear­box for­ming the so-called Power­Pack. Depen­ding on ope­ra­tio­nal needs, these vehic­les can be com­bi­ned in mul­ti­ple trac­tion (of up to three vehic­les), or, thanks to moun­ting of screw coupling, DMUs can ope­rate toge­ther with a typi­cal pas­sen­ger car attached.

Per­for­mance characteristics:

  • Capa­ble of tra­vel­ling at a speed of up to 120 km/h,
  • Modern and attrac­tive body design,
  • Floor height faci­li­ta­ting boar­ding and de-boarding also for people with impa­ired mobility,
  • Enhan­ced tra­vel­ling com­fort thanks to the modern suspen­sion system,
  • Low noise level.

Pas­sen­ger compartment:

  • An open coach vehicle,
  • Ple­asant and functional interior,
  • Cen­tre facing and row seating plans,
  • Vandal-proof seats with high backrests,
  • Vehicle inte­rior monitoring,
    Auto­ma­ti­cally ope­ra­ted air-conditioning and heating system,
  • Toilet adap­ted for the disabled,
  • Modern pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion system,
  • Plug-sliding doors situ­ated in the low-floor area.

Driver’s cab:

  • Sepa­rate air-conditioning inde­pen­dent from pas­sen­ger compartment
  • Modern and ergo­no­mic inte­rior with a con­trol panel,
  • Com­for­ta­ble driver’s seat.