Moder­ni­sa­tion of the TEM2 (SM48) die­sel loco­mo­tive to the 15D/16D ver­sion ena­bled  NEWAG S.A  to build a vehicle cha­rac­te­ri­sed by uni­ver­sal trac­tive para­me­ters – a shun­ting loco­mo­tive or a loco­mo­tive for pul­ling heavy fre­ight trains.

 The scope of upgra­ding of the TEM-2 (SM 48) loco­mo­tive to the 15D/16D version

Within the moder­ni­sa­tion, a new power gene­ra­ting unit has been used con­si­sting of a high pres­sure die­sel  engine com­pliant with the UIC IIA exhaust emis­sion stan­dards of the power of 1550 kW, posi­tio­ned on one frame with the set of syn­chro­nous gene­ra­tors. Modern auxi­liary equ­ip­ment has been enca­sed enhan­cing the loco’s relia­bi­lity inc­lu­ding  auxi­liary dri­ves in the form of asyn­chro­nous motors and hydro­sta­tic drive for the cooling sys­tem fan.


The 15D/15D  loco is fit­ted with a modern bra­king sys­tem using an inte­gra­ted pneu­ma­tic board, screw com­pres­sor (com­pres­sors) and spring-actuated par­king brake. These locos have micro­pro­ces­sor con­trol­lers, dia­gno­stic sys­tems, CAN buses and are ready for instal­ling radio-control system.

New, lower machine com­part­ments have been desi­gned, resul­ting in signi­fi­can­tly impro­ved driver’s visi­bi­lity. The loco’s modern body shape meets the con­tem­po­rary requ­ire­ments in design and ergo­no­mics. The driver’s cab is set on the loco frame with metal-rubber absor­bers. Its inte­rior has been equ­ip­ped with two con­trol panels, com­for­ta­ble adju­sta­ble seats and ame­ni­ties.  The cab has an effi­cient heating and air-conditioning system.

The 15D/16D loco­mo­ti­ves are fit­ted with  visual moni­to­ring sys­tem con­si­sting of  came­ras instal­led on the front of the loco frame and in cabs. The image from came­ras is recor­ded and displayed on panel moni­tors, which signi­fi­can­tly faci­li­ta­tes dri­ving the loco, in par­ti­cu­lar during shun­ting operations.

Modern con­trol and power sup­ply systems:

  • Micro­pro­ces­sor con­trol system;
  • On-board dia­gno­stics on the operator’s panel;
  • Elec­tric machi­nery – the main generator’s power boosted to 1400kW;
  • Loco’s elec­tri­cal trans­mis­sion, alter­na­ting cur­rent – direct current;
  • Auxi­lia­ries powe­red by AC motors;
  • New elec­tric applian­ces in high and low vol­tage compartments
  • New bra­king sys­tem with spring-actuated par­king brake.

Enhan­ced driver’s safety and comfort:

  • Two dri­ver con­trol panels, one for either dri­ving directions;
  • Impro­ved visi­bi­lity and safety;
  • Elec­tro­nic tacho­graph with event recorder;
  • Moni­to­ring sys­tem with track moni­to­ring and digi­tal recorder;
  • Fire detec­ting and extin­gu­ishing system;
  • Ergo­no­mic driver’s cab posi­tio­ned on metal-rubber shock absorbers;
  • Air-conditioning and energy-efficient heating of the driver’s cab;
  • Ame­ni­ties area equ­ip­ped with a fridge, wash­ba­sin with hot water, cooker and lockers.

Enhan­ced functionality:

  • Uni­ver­sal trac­tive cha­rac­te­ri­stics of the locomotive;
  • Incre­ased loco­mo­tive power;
  • Loco­mo­tive trac­king with the GPS sys­tem inc­lu­ding moni­to­ring of fuel consumption;
  • Lower regu­lar main­te­nance costs.

Eco-friendly tech­no­lo­gies

Appli­ca­tion of modern solu­tions has led to reduc­tion in fuel and oil con­sump­tion, thus limi­ting the exhaust-gas emis­sions to the environment.