NEWAG to pay PLN 20 MIL in dividend

On June 17, 2014, the Gene­ral Meeting of NEWAG S.A sha­re­hol­ders adop­ted Reso­lu­tion No 5 on pro­fit distri­bu­tion and divi­dend pay­ment for 2013. Under the reso­lu­tion, an amo­unt of PLN20 250000 was allo­ca­ted to be distri­bu­ted as divi­dends, which con­sti­tu­tes PLN 0.45 /forty-five grosz/ per share. All the Company’s sha­res (45 000 000) will be sub­ject to the divi­dend payment.

The Company’s sha­re­hol­ders who hold NEWAG’s sha­res on 17th Sep­tem­ber, 2014 will be enti­tled to rece­ive the divi­dend. The date for the divi­dend distri­bu­tion was set for 2nd Octo­ber, 2014.

The Gene­ral Meeting una­ni­mo­usly deci­ded to leave the rema­ining part of the pro­fit amo­un­ting to PLN 13 361 149.94  as sup­ple­men­tary capi­tal. Thus, NEWAG’s Board ful­fil­led the dec­la­ra­tions made in the Company’s IPO prospectus.