NEWAG to Increase its Manufacturing Capacity

On 8 March this year NEWAG received a decision granting support for  enlarging its production plant within the Special Economic Zone of the Cracow Technological Park. The investment project will be financed with the company’s funds and some machines and equipment will be purchased as financial leasing.

The investment project located in the municipality of Nowy Sącz which is planned for 2019-2021, will cover the purchase of a plant with a production hall, development and modernisation of the existing facilities and production lines as well as purchasing machinery and equipment. The Special Economic Zone of the Cracow Technological Park will support NEWAG by granting it a right to be exempted from the income tax in the amount of 35% of qualified costs after special conditions are met.

The main goal of the project is to fully utilise the company’s potential in manufacturing and selling locomotives, electric and diesel multiple units, passenger cars, trams as well as services of modernising and overhauls of locomotives, multiple units and cars. The investment will contribute to optimising the production process of rail vehicles fully compliant with the technical specifications for interoperability for railways in force in the European Union.