NEWAG receives “The Mustard Seed” statuette

On Satur­day, 11 Febru­ary 2017, ‘SOKÓŁ’ Mało­pol­ska Cul­ture Cen­tre hosted an award-granting gala of the Mustard Seed 2017 con­test during which win­ners rece­ived sta­tu­et­tes for  their cha­ri­ta­ble acti­vi­ties, sup­port and empa­thy for others as well as  for sup­por­ting social initiatives.

NEWAG S.A. was the win­ner in this year’s round of the con­test in the Company/ Asso­cia­tion cate­gory. Spe­cial sta­tu­et­tes and the title “Friend of the Mustard Seed” went to Joanna Wal­ter – Pre­si­dent of ‘Perła Połu­dnia’ Spa & Hotel and to Tomasz Ćwikow­ski – Pre­si­dent of Erbet com­pany from Nowy Sącz.

The gala cere­mony was run by Mał­go­rzata Broda, Mana­ger of  Insty­tut Europa Kar­pat [Europe of the Car­pa­thians Insti­tute] but the awards and spe­cial sta­tu­et­tes were han­ded over by Leszek Zegzda – mem­ber of the Board of  the Mało­pol­ska Pro­vince and the Pre­si­dent of Nowy Sącz Hospice, Bożena Jawor – Chair of the Nowy Sącz Muni­ci­pal Coun­cil, Maciej Kurp – Pre­si­dent of Zwią­zek Sąde­czan [the Nowy Sącz Resi­dents’ Asso­cia­tion] and Antoni Mal­czak, Mana­ging Direc­tor of MCK SOKÓŁ.

The win­ners were selec­ted by voting which took place on the Nowy Sącz Hospice website as well as by voting of the mem­bers of the Award Chapter.

The Satur­day night gala was accom­pa­nied by a con­cert of Mate­usz Ziółko and an auc­tion of a pain­ting by Ryszard Miłek. After­wards, the orga­ni­sers and the guests went to a cha­rity ball orga­ni­sed at the Ibis Sty­les Hotel in Nowy Sącz. The pro­ce­eds from the eve­ning went to sup­port the Nowy Sącz Hospice.

The Mustard Seed 2017 Con­test was orga­ni­sed by the Mayor of Nowy Sącz, the Pro­vince of Mało­pol­ska, Asso­cia­tion of Patients’ Friends of Nowy Sącz Hospice,  Zwią­zek Sąde­czan, SOKÓŁ Mało­pol­ska Cul­ture Cen­tre, Europa Kar­pat Insti­tute and SOKÓŁ Gym­na­stics Society.