NEWAG exhibiting at the Polish Economic EXPO

Today, the Polish Economic Expo was held organised under the initiative of the President of the Republic of Poland Mr Andrzej Duda, in recognition of the achievements of the best Polish companies and their contribution to the development of Polish economy. During the event titled “From COP [Central Industrial District] to Economy 4.0” held at a newly-opened hall of the Industrial Development Agency in Stalowa Wola, awarded innovative products of Polish economy were presented, there were also panel discussions with economic experts and shows.

The Polish Economic Expo associates entrepreneurs from across Poland. NEWAG also had its stand among nearly 70 businesses showcased today. NEWAG is a modern company successfully combining innovative technical solutions and traditions reaching as far back as 1876. As one of the oldest rail companies in Poland, NEWAG S.A. has extensive experience in manufacturing and modernising rolling stock as a result, it is a leading manufacturer of electric and diesel passenger multiple units, electric and diesel locomotives and metro trains and trams.

Today’s event showcased a portfolio of NEWAG’s products including DRAGON 2 – an innovative locomotive which was appreciated by the Polish Economic Expo Committee.  DRAGON 2 is the first in Europe six-axle electric locomotive fully compliant with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI 2014) and equipped with Level 3 ETCS system. The main advantage of DRAGON 2 is its very high tractive force and reliability. Manufactured by NEWAG, this locomotive uses cutting-edge, reliable technologies and ensures very comfortable working conditions for train drivers.