Inspiro metro train on its way to Sofia

20 July 2020, the twenty-first underground rail vehicle which was ordered by Metropolitan EAD left NEWAG SA in Nowy Sącz on its way to the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. The order has been implemented by the “SIMETRO” consortium, which includes Siemens Mobility GmbH Austria in Vienna, Siemens Mobility EOOD in Sofia and NEWAG S.A.

The vehicle that set off for Bulgaria is the first vehicle from the so-called option to the contract.  As a reminder, as part of the agreement of 28 September 2015, the consortium undertook to provide the contracting authority – Metropolitan EAD-  20 three-unit vehicles. In addition, in January 2019, the contracting authority exercised the option right, thereby ordering additional 10 vehicles.

INSPIRO  is characterized by high energy efficiency, low operating costs, as well as modern design and solutions to improve the comfort of travel.  INSPIRO vehicles for Sofia are also equipped with pentagraphs on the roof, allowing them to operate in another power system.

The transit of the vehicle takes place on the basis of specialized, over-size transport. This means, among other things, that it must take place at night and in a special convoy of other cars – pilots, so as to ensure maximum safety when driving on roads. Due to the large dimensions, the subway vehicle has been divided into modules, and their transport will take place using three trucks. Each of them has also been properly secured for the duration of the journey. The route that they will cover is more than 1100 km and it leads through Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia to the Bulgarian capital.

As a result of exercising the option right, the estimated value of the work attributable to NEWAG under the entire subject of the contract is close to BGN 110 Million.