Four DRAGONS for Laude Smart Intermodal

On 6 May this year, NEWAG S.A. signed a contract with Laude Smart Intermodal with registered seat in Toruń, for the delivery of four six-axle DRAGON electric locomotives. Two of the locomotives are equipped with a diesel last-mile module.

The main advantage of DRAGON 2 locomotive is its very high tractive force which, in combination with the locos high weight, effective anti-skid system and each axle drive enables the locomotive to pull heavy cargo trains. Moreover, the locomotive is equipped with converters based on silicon carbide (SiC) which guarantee defect-free operation in high temperatures, reduced noise levels, reduced energy losses by 50% and reduced size and weight of machinery by 60%.

The locomotives will be delivered in 2020 according to an agreed schedule. The net contract value is nearly PLN 60.5 million. Additionally, NEWAG will grant a guarantee for 36 months with an extended guarantee period for some particular components.