Approval for “GRIFFIN” electric locomotive type E4DCU

On 24 February 2020, under the decision of the President of the Office for Rail Transport, a permission was granted authorising the operation of the type of railway vehicle compliant with  the Technical Specifications of Interoperability, namely the E4DCU “GRIFFIN” type electric locomotive. The permit is valid indefinitely, without operating restrictions.

GRIFFINS are certified to the ECTS level 2 baseline  3.4.0. The European Train Control System is designed to ensure the interoperability of rail transport, i.e. the free movement of trains on national rail networks of respective countries without the need to stop at borders and change locomotives or drivers. The ETSC Baseline  2 system, currently dominant in numerous  countries, has been optimized to ETCS Baseline  3.

GRIFFIN electric locomotives are four-axle vehicles capable of developing speeds of up to 160km/h. There locos have a high standard of safety, comfortable interior ensuring driver’s comfort and high tractive force allowing them to pull passenger trains of up to 800 tonnes and freight trains of up to 3200 tonnes. The modular design enables adapting the loco to the specific needs of individual carriers.