Another DRAGON 2 Locomotives for LOTOS Kolej

Six electric locomotives will be supplied to LOTOS Kolej by NEWAG S.A. The contract for leasing six-axle E6ACTab – Dragon 2 locomotives was signed in Gdańsk on Friday, December 13, 2019. The transaction was financed by Millenium Leasing.

Under the contract, NEWAG will supply two DRAGON 2 locos until the end of 2019. LOTOS Kolej will start operating the remaining four electric locos in 2020 according to the agreed schedule. The rail operator already has three DRAGON 2 loco in its fleet which have been operating since March 2019.

“LOTOS Kolej has been our long-term reliable client operating, among other, the first generation DRAGON locomotives. Being pleased with the opportunity to supply more locomotives, including six-axle DRAGON 2 (the second generation loco), we believe that the newly-acquired locomotives, fully compliant with TSI 2014, will meet expectations of LOTOS Kolej while guarantying a  very high technical availability ratio, the same as the one in the first generation DRAGON locos,” Józef Michalik, Deputy President of the Board of NEWAG S.A.

“LOTOS Kolej has been modernising its locomotive fleet. We have been replacing our oldest locos with the modern rolling stock. DRAGON 2 is a loco with a good reliability ratio and it is easy to operate and maintain. Thanks to the new DRAGONs 2, our offer to our clients, in particular for operating heavy freight trains, will be better and more competitive,” emphasized Anatol Kupryciuk, President of the Board of LOTOS Kolej. “End of the year is a good time for summing up. In 2019, we have managed to obtain in total twelve cutting-edge locos produced in Poland, seven out of which are starting to work still this year and the remaining ones in the following months. We are not slowing down, this is just the beginning of modernizing our locomotive park and investing further in the company development. Under the contract signed today, our company will become the final owner of the DRAGON 2 locos. The new locos will contribute to increasing the company’s potential, its transporting capabilities as well as improving the comfort of train operators’ work,“ added Jaromir Falandysz, Deputy President of the Board of LOTOS Kolej.

“Expanding the rolling stock of LOTOS Kolej means not only meeting expectations of clients of our capital group but also improving the offer available on the market. Recently, the Train Driver Training Centre has been opened which is equipped with an innovative simulator of DRAGON 2 locomotive, and now we have obtained six new electric locomotives of this type. This marks a very good ending of 2019 for LOTOS Kolej. The company visibly focuses on development and cutting-edge solutions. This is a very important company from the perspective of LOTOS Group logistics chain,” emphasized Jarosław Wittstock, acting President of the Board of LOTOS Group.

The value of the leasing contract amounts to PLN 88 million which covers the total selling price and estimated fees for maintenance services payable proportionally as they are rendered.

“Thanks to its experience and knowledge of the rail sector, Millennium Leasing is able to prepare individual offers adjusted to the specific nature of the business and clients’ individual expectations. We are proud that a lot of spectacular investments in the area of rail transport have been implemented with our participation” said  Agnieszka Kozakiewicz, Board Member of Millennium Leasing. “We hope that obtaining six cutting-edge electric locomotives will reduce operational costs and allow LOTOS Kolej to use its transporting potential even more effectively,” she added.

E6ACTab DRAGON 2 is the first in Europe six-axle electric locomotive fully compliant with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI 2014) and equipped with Level 3 ETCS system. Manufactured by NEWAG S.A, this locomotive uses cutting-edge, reliable technologies and ensures very comfortable working conditions for train drivers. The loco’s main advantage is its high tractive force which, combined with the loco’s big weight, an effective anti-skid system and each axle drive enables it to pull heavy freight trains. The E6ACTab DRAGON 2 has SiC-based converters ensuring smooth operation in high temperatures, reduced noise levels, a 50% reduction in energy loss and its machinery size and weight have been reduced by 60%.

Since December 9, 2019, LOTOS Kolej has been conducting training using an innovative rail simulator, manufactured by SIM FACTOR, which fully reflects all elements of the driver’s cab of DRAGON 2 locomotive. Thanks to the contract between LOTOS Kolej and NEWAG, LOTOS Kolej train drivers who have been trained at the Train Drivers’ Training Centre will have a chance to operate one of the most cutting-edge locomotives in Poland.


LOTOS Kolej  is the second biggest rail carrier in Poland as far as transport services are concerned and the market leader in transporting hazardous materials. Presently, the company with its registered office in Gdańsk, operates approx. 130 locomotives and more than 4,000 rail wagons, providing services to LOTOS Capital Group and to external clients. The company also offers rail siding services, rolling stock renting and maintenance and rail tank cars cleaning.  Since 2015, clients with registered offices in the Federal Republic of Germany have also been able to use transportation services offered by LOTOS Kolej. The company is making efforts to obtain a license to offer its services in the Czech Republic.


NEWAG is a modern company successfully combining innovative technical solutions and traditions reaching as far back as 1876. As one of the oldest rail companies in Poland, NEWAG S.A.  has extensive experience in manufacturing and modernising rolling stock.

NEWAG is a leading manufacturer of electric and diesel passenger multiple units, electric and diesel locomotives and metro trains and trams. It has been supplying its products successfully to clients in Poland and abroad. Our rail vehicles operate on train routes transporting passengers in 14 Polish provinces.

Millennium Leasing has offered leasing financing services to all sectors of the economy in Poland. The company has been an active member of the Polish Leasing Association (ZPL), participating, in particular in  formation of the Group for digitization of ZPL  and one of the first leasing companies which appeared in the Polish market. Leasing services are sold by leasing advisors in 70 company outlets across Poland. Sales activities are also conducted based on active collaboration with bank customer service agents in retail and corporate banking branches of Bank Millennium.