Another big contract for NEWAG S.A.

On Novem­ber 4, 2013,  at the Marshal’s Office in Szcze­cin, NEWAG S.A signed a con­tract with the Western Pro­cu­re­ment Group for sup­ply­ing  four­teen ‘Impuls’ 31WE Elec­tric Mul­ti­ple Units.

The vehic­les orde­red by the Western Pro­cu­re­ment Group have been desi­gned to pro­vide com­for­ta­ble tra­vel­ling con­di­tions while com­ply­ing with the highest safety stan­dards. These modern, open-car, four-section, low-floor vehic­les can tra­vel at a speed of 160 km/h with the capa­city of 436 pas­sen­gers, inc­lu­ding 208 seats.

“Times are chan­ging brin­ging incre­ased pas­sen­gers’ expec­ta­tions. They expect public trans­port to pro­vide more com­fort and safety. We, at  NEWAG S.A., put these expec­ta­tions on the top of our prio­ri­ties,” said Zbi­gniew Konie­czek during the ceremony.

The Impuls 31WE units will be air-conditioned and equ­ip­ped with the moni­to­ring sys­tem as well as with elec­tri­cal soc­kets ena­bling pas­sen­gers to plug in their lap­tops or mobile pho­nes. Toilets,  with her­me­ti­cally sealed reten­tion tanks, are acces­si­ble for people with impa­ired mobi­lity and for mothers with chil­dren (with chan­ging sta­tions for infants).

New trans will be fur­ni­shed with eco-leather cove­red seats, tic­ket machi­nes, the pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion sys­tem with func­tions such as pas­sen­ger count, punc­tu­ality moni­to­ring, inte­rior and exte­rior dyna­mic pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion display as well as voice infor­ma­tion and the dri­ver– pas­sen­ger com­mu­ni­ca­tion system.

The tra­ins will be acces­si­ble to pas­sen­gers with impa­ired mobi­lity, in com­pliance with the Tech­ni­cal Spe­ci­fi­ca­tion for Interoperability.

The value of the con­tract we have signed is the highest in the history of this Pro­vince,” remar­ked Olgierd Geble­wicz, “It is a great respon­si­bi­lity, and in my case, the respon­si­bi­lity is even gre­ater because I have signed the con­tract also on behalf of the Lubu­skie Pro­vince.”

The con­tract is being imple­men­ted  as a joint ven­ture of the Zachod­nio­po­mor­skie and Lubu­skie Pro­vin­ces within the Infra­struc­ture and Envi­ron­ment Ope­ra­tio­nal Pro­gramme for the years 2007 – 2013 titled: “The pur­chase of the rol­ling stock to service inter­pro­vin­cial con­nec­tions orga­ni­sed by Lubu­skie and Zachod­nio­po­mor­skie Provinces.”

The con­tract was signed by Olgierd Geble­wicz, Mar­shal of the Zachod­nio­po­mor­skie Pro­vince toge­ther with Woj­ciech Drożdż, Deputy Mar­shal  and  Zbi­gniew Konie­czek, CEO and Wie­sław Piwo­war, Deputy CEO who signed the con­tract on behalf of NEWAG  S.A.

The deadline for the con­tract is 30 April, 2015. The first three units will be han­ded over in Decem­ber this year,  the next seven will be ready in 2014 and the rema­ining four (inc­lu­ding two for the Lubu­skie Pro­vince) will be deli­ve­red in 2015.