Modernisation of the XB passenger car carried out by NEWAG S.A., with the reconstruction of the 2nd class passenger car into a passenger and buffet car, added new functionality by combining the passenger space with the buffet space.

The modernisation, while preserving some of the car’s functions, has considerably improved the interior appearance, upgraded the comfort of travel as well as enabled meal preparation and consumption while travelling.

Passenger area:

  • ­Second class passenger – buffet car;
  • New interior layout (4 passenger compartments, buffet compartment, kitchen compartment, staff compartment, toilet for passengers, sanitary compartment for car staff)
  • Modern, attractive and functional interior made from modular polyester-glass material;
  • ­Total number of seats in the passenger area: 24;
  • Number of seats per passenger compartment: 6;
  • Seats covered with high-quality, resistant-to-wear fabric;
  • Power socket ­at every seat to plug in a laptop, mobile phone etc.;
  • Windows fitted with day and night blinds;
  • ­ Passenger compartments fitted with modern and functional luggage racks, sliding tables and fixed window-side tables.


  • ­Pleasant-looking, modular panelled interior made of polyester-glass materials facilitating cleaning;
  • ­Stainless-steel washbasins and toilet bowls;
  • Toilets with hermetically sealed retention tanks;
  • Frost protection system of the water piping;
  • Automatic toilet flush and drying.

Buffet compartment:

  • ­ New interior colour scheme and furnishings;
  • Three bar tables;
  • Two-level buffet counter;
  • Standing capacity at tables: 28;
  • Panoramic TV screens;
  • Main halogen spot-lighting, additional lighting lined along the ceiling edge;
  • Showcases and display coolers highlighted by lined-up halogen spotlights.

Kitchen compartment:

  • Compartment designed for meal preparation by the staff;
  • Pleasant-looking and functional interior;
  • Kitchen section fitted with stainless steel furniture and high-quality kitchen appliances (ceramic hobs,  cookers – steam container ovens, refrigerators, dish-washer);
  • Fitted with waste disposal grinders and hermetically-sealed sewage tanks;
  • Fitted with a new, attractive, two-level buffet counter;
  • High quality, wear-resistant car floor.

Rest and refreshment room:

  • Room accessible to car staff only, furnished with places to rest;
  • Separate sanitary cabin.

Performance characteristics:

  • Designated for national and international railway service;
  • Capable of travelling at a speed of up to 160 km/h;
  • The power supply system fitted with multi-voltage static converter;
  • Air-conditioned interior;
  • Additional emergency brake controlled pneumatically;
  • Fitted with plug-sliding side door and the front door with electro-pneumatic control ensuring high reliability;
  • Side shields installed in the car to protect the equipment mounted on car chassis and to improve car appearance.