NEWAG S.A. won a contract for WKD

Within the next two years, NEWAG S.A. will deli­ver  six  new Elec­tric Mul­ti­ple Units for War­szaw­ska Kolej Dojaz­dowa — WKD [War­saw Com­mu­ter Rail]. Today, at  the Office of the Mar­shal of Mazo­wiec­kie Pro­vince, WKD repre­sen­ta­ti­ves and Zbi­gniew Konie­czek, Newag’s Pre­si­dent of  the Board, signed a con­tract for  rol­ling stock delivery.

New tra­ins mean  impro­ved quality and com­fort of tra­vel­ling for pas­sen­gers, in par­ti­cu­lar for resi­dents of six muni­ci­pa­li­ties:  Micha­ło­wice, Prusz­ków, Brwi­nów, Mila­nó­wek, Pod­kowa Leśna, Gro­dzisk Mazo­wiecki and of two Warsaw’s districts: Wło­chy and Ochota. They also mean enhan­ced safety. All tra­ins will be equ­ip­ped with the moni­to­ring sys­tem with an event recor­der, air-conditioning in the pas­sen­ger area with win­dows that will allow for free ven­ti­la­tion of the unit as well as the passenger-counting system.

The train of the total length of 60m will con­sist  of 6 units and will have 164 seats for pas­sen­gers. There will be 4 desi­gna­ted pla­ces for whe­el­cha­irs with remo­va­ble ramps allo­wing for whe­el­chair boar­ding as well as 8 desi­gna­ted pla­ces for trans­por­ting bicycles.

Each train will be equ­ip­ped with a fully inte­gra­ted pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion sys­tem with exter­nal LED desti­na­tion boards and inter­nal LCD moni­tors visi­ble from each place in the train.

The pur­chase of the rol­ling stock is imple­men­ted within the pro­jectThe deve­lop­ment of the public trans­port sys­tem in the War­saw metro­po­li­tan area thro­ugh incre­asing the effi­ciency, relia­bi­lity and safety of War­szaw­ska Kolej Dojaz­dowa.

The gross con­tract value is PLN 98 227 800.00 and the deadline for deli­very is 24 mon­ths since  signing the contract.