LOTOS Kolej Diesel locomotives to be modernised by NEWAG

Newag has been com­mis­sio­ned by LOTOS Kolej to moder­nise its SM42 loco­mo­ti­ves to upgrade them to 6Dg type. It is the first over­haul of die­sel loco­mo­ti­ves that will be per­for­med by the Nowy Sacz com­pany for this Car­rier. So far, LOTOS has ope­ra­ted 6Dg loco­mo­ti­ves on a lease basis.

On April 9, 2014, LOTOS Kolej and NEWAG S.A. signed a con­tract for moder­ni­sing three Sm42 Die­sel loco­mo­ti­ves. The con­tract pro­vi­des an option to incre­ase the object of the con­tract up to ele­ven loco­mo­ti­ves in total. The Car­rier will have made the deci­sion on possi­ble moder­ni­sa­tion of more loco­mo­ti­ves by March 31 each year.
The first three moder­ni­sed 6Dg loco­mo­ti­ves will be retur­ned to the orde­ring party in July 2014 and ano­ther loco­mo­ti­ves will be deli­ve­red sub­se­qu­en­tly, depen­ding on orders pla­ced, but no later than by the end of 2018.

The cho­ice of the offer depen­ded on the price (55%), expe­rience (15%), cost of main­te­nance inspec­tions (15%), indi­vi­dual fuel con­sump­tion (10%) and the guaran­tee (5%). Fol­lo­wing indi­vi­dual nego­tia­tions, Newag’s offer was selected.

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