Diesel locomotives manufactured by NEWAG will travel to Hel Peninsula already in the summer

On Satur­day, 16 May, 2015, at the Gdańsk Cen­tral Rail­way Sta­tion, PKP Inter­city and NEWAG S.A. pre­sen­ted moder­ni­sed SM42 series loco­mo­ti­ves. The locos are used for shun­ting ope­ra­tions and in the sum­mer they will be pul­ling tra­ins on non-electrified lines along the routes: Gdy­nia – Hel and Kłodzko — Kudowa Zdrój.

NEWAG S.A. moder­ni­sed twenty SM42 series die­sel loco­mo­ti­ves. The moder­ni­sed units have a com­ple­tely new body. Only the loco­mo­tive frame, bogies and fuel tanks were left from the for­mer design. The new loco­mo­ti­ves have been fit­ted with a modern bra­king sys­tem with a screw com­pres­sor and a spring par­king brake and spe­cial buf­fers with the ‘crash’ func­tion which absorb crash energy. The loco­mo­tive is also equ­ip­ped with a micro­pro­ces­sor con­trol sys­tem, a GPS sys­tem, a modern event recor­der and a moni­to­ring sys­tem with track recor­ding. The loco­mo­tive has also been fit­ted with a modern, air-conditioned driver’s cab with two ergo­no­mic con­trol panels and amenities.

“Thanks to the con­tract with PKP Inter­city we have been able to manu­fac­ture second gene­ra­tion die­sel loco­mo­ti­ves: a two-motor loco with a func­tion of pro­vi­ding elec­tri­city to train cars and a one-motor loco­mo­tive with a bat­tery drive func­tion,” said Maciej Górow­ski, Deputy Mana­ger of the Rese­arch and Deve­lop­ment Depart­ment at NEWAG S.A. “We have imple­men­ted the modern, tested tech­no­lo­gi­cal and func­tio­nal solu­tions which ensure driver’s work com­fort and are com­pliant with the exi­sting stan­dards and legal pro­vi­sions, inc­lu­ding the Euro­pean Stage IIIB exhaust emis­sion standard.”

The loco­mo­ti­ves are used for shun­ting ope­ra­tions in War­szawa, Gdy­nia, Kra­ków, Wro­cław, Olsz­tyn and Szcze­cin. Howe­ver, in the sum­mer vaca­tion period they will service non-electrified sec­tions of train routes. PKP Inter­city paid nearly PLN 77 mil­lion for the modernisation.

“The moder­ni­sa­tion of the loco­mo­ti­ves con­sti­tu­tes part of the PKP Inter­city inve­st­ment pro­gramme amo­un­ting to PLN 4.3 bil­lion net,” empha­si­zed Mar­cin Kara­siń­ski, the Pro­ject Mana­ger at PKP Inter­city. “Part of the money comes from the Euro­pean Union funds. In the case of this pro­ject, the EU fun­ding amo­un­ted to PLN 43.7 mil­lion,” he added.