NEWAG group






NEWAG S.A. is a com­pany which reacts quic­kly to mar­ket needs. Such design phi­lo­so­phy has resul­ted in manu­fac­tu­ring modern, safe and eco­no­mi­cal Die­sel Mul­ti­ple Units.

Built from scratch at the company’s plant in Nowy Sącz, they exem­plify an appli­ca­tion of cutting-edge design solu­tions com­bi­ned with the desi­gners’ empha­sis on safety and tra­vel­ling com­fort. Com­monly refer­red to as DMU rail buses, these DMUs pro­vide an eco­no­mi­cal alter­na­tive to tra­di­tio­nal pas­sen­ger trans­port options on non-electrified rail­way lines where opti­mal costs of tra­vel­ling and train ope­ra­tion are impor­tant. Such quali­ties as main­ta­ining dyna­mic dri­ving, an ope­ra­ting speed of up to 120km/h and low fuel con­sump­tion make DMUs popu­lar with our clients.

DMUs 222M have been desi­gned accor­ding to the latest glo­bal tech­no­lo­gies and sty­li­stic trends, which results in a har­mo­nious com­bi­na­tion of style, tra­vel­ling ergo­no­mics and com­fort. Func­tio­nal and modern pas­sen­ger com­part­ment inte­rior, air-conditioned and fit­ted with com­for­ta­ble seats pro­vi­des com­fort while tra­vel­ling. Advan­ced tech­no­lo­gi­cal solu­tions applied in the power sys­tem and the suspen­sion sys­tem enhance the com­fort of tra­vel­ling due to noise reduc­tion in the pas­sen­ger compartment.

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