NEWAG group




DSC_0080 modernization


ST48-fot2 modernization


DSC_9988_big modernization

(PL) 6Dl

1 modernization

(PL) 18D

1ok modernization

Our plants con­duct com­pre­hen­sive moder­ni­za­tion of SM42 and SM48 die­sel loco­mo­ti­ves to type 18I, 6Dl,6Dg,15/16D.

We per­form 100% loco­mo­tive moder­ni­za­tions in Poland.

Loco­mo­tive moder­ni­za­tion pro­cess com­pri­ses con­struc­tion of a brand new body, moun­ting new engi­nes and power gene­ra­ting units. Driver’s cabs are equ­ip­ped with modern con­trol sys­tems and digi­tal moni­to­ring sys­tems. Came­ras moun­ted on the front of the loco frame and in cabs expand the field of vision on tracks and faci­li­ta­te shun­ting operations.

In the design phase, par­ti­cu­lar atten­tion is paid to the design solu­tions applied and func­tio­na­lity. We per­form loco­mo­tive moder­ni­za­tions and recon­struc­tion as well as repair loco­mo­tive com­po­nents, in par­ti­cu­lar power gene­ra­tors, bogies and wheelsets.

Perio­dic repa­irs are con­duc­ted accor­ding to the tech­no­logy and regu­la­tions of the PKP group, i.e., Ct3 (Mt32) and WTWiO (Tech­ni­cal Requ­ire­ments for Con­struc­tion and Com­mis­sio­ning) after repair and in accor­dance with DSU (Rail Vehicle Main­te­nance Docu­men­ta­tion). We are cer­ti­fied as an appro­ved service pro­vi­der by PKP Cargo S.A.

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