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Elec­tric Mul­ti­ple Units are modern tra­ins desi­gned and manu­fac­tu­red from scratch at the Nowy Sącz plant.

While cre­ating IMPULS Elec­tric Mul­ti­ple Units, our desi­gners and engi­ne­ers focu­sed on pro­vi­ding com­for­ta­ble tra­vel­ling con­di­tions by imple­men­ting latest design solutions.

IMPULS Elec­tric Mul­ti­ple Unit is a ver­sa­tile plat­form which can ope­rate in various con­di­tions. Apart from the dif­fe­rent tra­in­set length, various pas­sen­ger com­part­ment inte­rior lay­out options are ava­ila­ble, which makes it possi­ble for the EMUs to be used not only as com­mu­ter and sub­ur­ban tra­ins but also on long distance routes. IMPULS EMUs can be manu­fac­tu­red with various seat lay­out, tailo­red to each client’s needs.

The EMUs are also very eco­no­mi­cal — their aero­dy­na­mic design and elec­tri­city reco­very to the over­head line during bra­king lower elec­tri­city con­sump­tion by IMPLUS EMUs as com­pa­red with ear­lier models of mul­ti­ple units.

Solu­tions used in the train’s modern inte­rior meet all car­riers’ expec­ta­tions con­cer­ning func­tio­na­lity and design. Pas­sen­gers and train crews tra­vel in air-conditioned space equ­ip­ped with a moni­to­ring sys­tem and a modern pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion system.

The latest, five-unit IMPULS 45WE, is the first EMU in Poland which is com­pliant with the most recent, very restric­tive inte­ro­pe­ra­bi­lity stan­dards (TSI) intro­du­ced in the Euro­pean Union.


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