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Zbigniew Konieczek

Zbi­gniew Konie­czek
Pre­si­dent of the Board

Zbi­gniew Konie­czek’s career at NEWAG  has span­ned the period of over thirty years. He star­ted his work as a die­sel vehic­les mecha­nic. In the period from 1984 to 1988, he was the  pro­duc­tion fore­man at the die­sel loco­mo­tive repair work­shop, and in 1988, he became the head of the bogie repair sec­tion.  In the years 1996–1998, he wor­ked as a mar­ke­ting spe­cia­list.  In 1998, he left the Com­pany for three years to act as the Pre­si­dent of the Board at Kuź­nia Gli­nik sp. z o.o. with regi­ste­red office in Gor­li­ce.  He retur­ned to NEWAG in June 2001 to assume the post of Pre­si­dent of the Board.

Zbi­gniew Konie­czek obta­ined a voca­tio­nal quali­fi­ca­tion of a tech­ni­cian from Tech­ni­kum Kole­jo­we [Rail­way Tech­ni­cal Col­lege] in Nowy Sącz, and then an engineer’s degree at the Trans­por­ta­tion Faculty of Cracow’s Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity (spe­cia­li­sa­tion: Vehicle Main­te­nance and Ope­ra­tion). He also com­ple­ted a post-graduate pro­gramme in Busi­ness Mana­ge­ment at Wyż­sza Szkoła Biznesu-NLU in Nowy Sącz.

Bogdan Borek

Bog­dan Borek
Vice Pre­si­dent of the Board

Bog­dan Borek star­ted his pro­fes­sio­nal career at Arab­ski & Gawor s.c. Bro­ke­rage House with regi­ste­red office in War­saw in 1994. In the years 1994–2000, he was the head of the eco­no­mic team at Pol­ski Bank Inwe­sty­cyj­ny  S.A. with regi­ste­red office in War­saw (pre­sen­tly Kre­dyt Bank S.A.). In the period from 2000 to 2001, he wor­ked at FM GLINIK S.A. with regi­ste­red office in Gor­lice as Finance Direc­tor. Since 2001, he has held the post of Finance Direc­tor at NEWAG S.A. On Febru­ary 1, 2015, he became Vice Pre­si­dent of the Board of NEWAG S.A.


Józef Michalik_1

Józef Micha­lik
Vice Pre­si­dent of the Board

Józef Micha­lik star­ted his pro­fes­sio­nal career at OPTIMUS S.A. with regi­ste­red office in Nowy Sącz. He served there as Vice Pre­si­dent, Tech­ni­cal Direc­tor and IT Direc­tor. Later, he wor­ked as Sales Direc­tor at TTI INVENTEL S.A. and as Mana­ging Direc­tor at Uni­card S.A. In 2006, he served as Mem­ber of the Board – Mar­ke­ting and Sales Direc­tor for Zakłady Auto­ma­tyki POLNA S.A.

Józef Micha­lik has wor­ked for Newag since August 2009 as Mar­ke­ting Direc­tor. He gra­du­ated with a degree of Master of Science in Elec­tro­nics from Aka­de­mia Górniczo-Hutnicza [Aca­demy of Mining and Metal­lurgy] in Kra­ków, Faculty of Elec­tri­cal Engi­ne­ering, Auto­ma­tics and Elec­tro­nics. He also com­ple­ted post-graduate stu­dies in Busi­ness Mana­ge­ment at Wyż­sza Szkoła Biz­nesu in Nowy Sącz, where he was awar­ded MBA in Stra­te­gic Management.

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