NEWAG group



The main goal of our acti­vity is to ensure the safety of our pro­ducts during their use.

Com­pany mana­ge­ment guaran­tees, that all deli­ve­red pro­ducts ful­fill all legal and nor­ma­tive requ­ire­ments as well as the needs of our clients, with a par­ti­cu­lar eye to requ­ire­ments rela­ted to assu­ring the requ­ired safety of the pro­duct. Employ­ees are aware of the impor­tance of the fact that they have an effect on pro­duct safety.

Our safety objec­tive is achie­ved by:

  • Incre­asing employee know­ledge thro­ugh tra­ining of newly-hired employ­ees as well as perio­dic tra­ining regar­ding the impact of work on the quality and safety of products
  • Care for the safety of employ­ees wor­king in the pro­duc­tion pro­cess thro­ugh impro­ve­ment of wor­king conditions
  • Orga­ni­za­tion of work­sta­tions to achieve pro­duc­tion effectiveness
  • Con­trol of sites for testing the quality of pro­ducts put into service as well as their con­ti­nu­ous impro­ve­ment in terms of safe use
  • Con­stant super­vi­sion of machi­nery and equ­ip­ment effi­ciency, of run­ning repa­irs as well as of perio­dic maintenance
  • Intro­duc­tion of new tech­no­lo­gies, mate­rials and raw mate­rials which are safe for use as well as environmentally-friendly

The above goals are achie­ved by com­pany mana­ge­ment, who at the same time com­mit them­se­lves to the con­ti­nu­ous impro­ve­ment of pro­duc­tion processes.

The Tech­ni­cal Safety Policy is part of the company’s ope­ra­tions stra­tegy. Each employee is aware of the goals set as well as of what kind of effect his or her work has on pro­duct safety.

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